Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is a time of growth and change, on many levels, but perhaps most obviously on a physical level.

Massage can help you to integrate the many changes of pregnancy. On a physical level massage can ease the aches and pains you may feel as your body changes to accommodate your baby. The hormonal changes in pregnancy create a softening of your tissues, while this softening is very beneficial for the birthing process, allowing your body to open and deliver your baby, it can also make the body slightly more vulnerable to muscular aches and pains. Massage is a wonderful way of relieving these and furthermore release is very quick and easy on your already softened muscle tissue. If you have had a lifetime of knotted shoulders pregnancy is a great time to sort this out, as your hormones will allow the areas to release more than ever!

Just as importantly massage can help you to adjust on an emotional level to your pregnancy. Pre natal massage can help you to relax and to trust in your body’s wisdom, to stay calm and confident about your body’s ability to look after and to nourish your baby. Massage also provides the time and space in our busy lives to be still and to connect, with the body, but also during pregnancy with your baby.

Keeping your stress levels low is more important than ever when you are pregnant, too much stress can have a negative impact on your baby. When we are stressed, stress hormone floods our body and blood flow is reduced to the digestive and reproductive systems. Massage has been proven to have an incredibly beneficial effect on the nervous system. Not only will your stress levels stay low, but blood flow to your baby will remain healthy and free of stress hormones (which on a physiological level may trigger a stress response in the baby).

As you know, what is good for you is good for your baby. Babies can feel the effects of massage. During a massage the increased blood flow to the uterus (with oxygen and nutrients) and the gentle endorphins are felt by the baby. Sometimes babies will sleep during the massage, and often mums report any movement is not kicking but rather a rippling movement, more of a dance or a shimmy.

Massage at any time during pregnancy is completely safe. If you would like a massage in your first trimester we will need written consent from your Midwife or Doctor, likewise for any special circumstances arising at any stage during your pregnancy.

All our Therapists have been trained to work safely and sensitively with pregnant women. You will be positioned comfortably on your side supported by pillows,  plain unscented oil, which is safe for pregnancy.

So if you want to help your body to adjust to pregnancy, to ease some aching muscles, or to take the time to relax and connect with your baby, give us a call today. We look forward to meeting you and your bump, and to giving you a blissful massage!

A few of the many benefits of pregnancy massage:

Relief from backache, shoulder and neck tension and pelvic pain

Reduction of oedema, (causing those swollen feet and hands)

Increases circulation

Reduces fatigue

Increases skin elasticity, helping to reduce stretch marks

Time to relax and connect with your baby

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