Office stress relief

We all have those times where the pressures of our modern-day lives just seem to overwhelm us. The day begins with the intrusive ‘Ringgggg’ of the alarm clock that rips you from those last few moments of precious sleep. Once up and about and ready to go to work, the traffic jam needs to be tackled . Then the day’s work begins, with perhaps one meeting after another, people clambering for your attention, emails to be sent and replied to, telephones ringing without end. It might seem as though the whole day is spent in a fast-paced, pressurised whirl of activity.

When you do get a chance to sit down with a cup of tea and catch your breath, you might feel some of the tension slowly seeping out of your weary muscles, which is where you are most likely to feel the effects of stress. The signals that your body will send to your brain to let you know that it is feeling as though it needs a break are many and varied, and include the inability to concentrate, irritability, headaches, rapid heartbeat or insomnia. These are just a few warning signs that are being sent to you to let you know that it might be time to look for a way to take charge of the stress and find a way to relieve the physical effects that stress is having on your body and mind.

There are more than a few ways to relieve stress, some of which include removing oneself from the circumstances that cause the stress – which is certainly not always possible when you need to be at the office which in the first place created the tension. Take a timeout in a quiet area, away from the hustle and bustle, so that you can take a few deep breaths and clear your mind, if only for a moment. Another very effective way of dealing with the physical symptoms of stress is to have a massage. Most often it is not possible to find the time to get out of the office to visit a massage salon, so the benefits of booking a visiting massage therapist, who will come to you, are innumerable. Having a massage therapist treat you at the office (or in your hotel room if you are in Miami on business or on vacation) will have more advantages than just the benefits of the actual massage (which include lowered blood pressure, increased energy and vitality, to name just a few). You will not need to take more time off than the time it takes to have the massage treatment, as you will not need to leave your workplace. You will also not have the added stress of having to navigate your  your way through traffic on the way there, nor on the way back. You will therefore continue to enjoy the relaxation that the massage afforded you for a long time after you were treated.

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