“Consistently the Best! – I’ve been getting massages from Natasha for several years and I continue to get very consistently excellent massages. Being athletic at my age requires special care to keep me optimal….Natasha provides just that! The highest massage quality that I have ever experienced anywhere! ”

Kelly R. -South Beach, FL

“I get a lot of back and neck pain when I travel for business. I always book my massages thru Miami Mobile Massage and always get a great female therapist sent over even on short notice.  Nina is the best! I’m consistently impressed with the professionalism and the quality of massage that I receive. ”

Robert L. North Miami, FL

“After starting a work out regime, I developed soreness, pain, and visible knots in both calves. I consulted a doctor about my injury and after giving me muscle relaxers, suggested I see a massage therapist. I took the muscle relaxers for a month and nothing happened. I sucked it up and scheduled a massage with Mara from Mobile Massage; after a one hour session, she had all of the knots worked out of my calves, and I haven’t had pain since. Not only that; my whole body especially my back feels much better. My workouts are better than ever and for that I have to thank Mara, my favorite massage therapist! ”

Colin F. – Miami, FL

“A quick Thank you for the last minute massage. I feel like a new man thanks to Nina! It’s just what a doctor ordered. You have truly amazingly talented therapist!”

William B. – Miami Beach, fl

“Natasha is a rare therapist. I am impressed by her professionalism, vibrant personality, and genuine concern for the well-being of her clients. Her knowledge of musculature and movement is quite impressive and she can know, without being told, where there is tightness or muscle ache. I thoroughly recommend her services to both stressed-out IT workers and athletes alike. ”   Kwan Lowe (Coral Gables, FL)